BladeLogic Database Automation

Provision and secure databases with 1/10th the time and effort

BladeLogic Database Automation allows you to quickly configure, provision, patch, secure and manage your databases with less time and effort.

Automation for improved database management, security, compliance, provisioning, and uptime

  • Configuration
    Automate change and configuration management
  • Compliance checks and management
    Perform >100 steps in a matter of minutes
  • Policy-based provisioning
    Deploy, provision, and maintain databases quickly and easily
  • Patch automation
    Remediate security vulnerabilities, manage compliance and SLAs
  • Multi-vendor support
    Low-cost management of stand-alone and clustered Oracle, SQL, Db2, Sybase, MySQL databases

Improve compliance, heighten security, increase quality, and lower costs

Be ready for your next compliance audit

Use automation to quickly capture database configurations, obtain visibility into out-of-compliance conditions, and take corrective action with less manual effort.

Heighten database security

Respond quickly to security threats with vulnerability management, patch automation, and change and configuration management across multiple vendor databases with one tool.

Increase quality and lower costs

Database automation consistently replicates task execution – improving speed, agility, and release quality, while lowering risk, and without adding staff.

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