BladeLogic Server Automation

Secure, compliant, and automated server lifecycle management

BladeLogic Server Automation allows you to quickly and securely provision, configure, patch, and maintain physical, virtual, and cloud servers.

Cross-platform server automation for better security, compliance, and agility

  • Threat remediation
    Combine with BMC SecOps Response Service to link vulnerabilities to identified patches and create a remediation plan
  • Patching
    Support maintenance windows and change management processes to ensure timely execution of patches
  • Compliance
    Integrate role-based access control, pre-configured policies for CIS, DISA, HIPAA, PCI, SOX, NIST, and SCAP, documentation, and remediation
  • Configuration
    Harden deployments, detect and remediate drift, and manage change activities to ensure stability and performance
  • Provisioning
    Bare-metal through full application stack deployment via unattended installs, image-based, script-based, or template-based provisioning
  • Reporting
    Assess change impact, get real-time status of jobs or complete an audit using multiple dashboard views

Stop scripting and start automating

Be “audit ready” all the time

Drive greater consistency, security and reliability through policy-based application of operational, security, and regulatory guidelines. Harden deployments and maintain compliance with a full cycle of system discovery, drift detection, remediation, and reporting.

Visualize, prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities

Reduce the attack surface quickly by managing change, configuration, and patching activities to close vulnerabilities. Prioritize vulnerabilities based on severity and business impact with SecOps Response Service integration, so teams can make security decisions that also protect uptime and stability. Optimize maintenance windows for physical, virtual, and data centers

Patch physical, virtual, and cloud servers

Automate the patching process including patch acquisition, analysis, deployment, scheduling, installation, and change tracking.
Download patch catalog information from vendors or third parties and analyze servers. Create smart groups representing applications or business services with separate patching jobs.

Standardized, automated, compliant servers

Provision, configure, inspect, update, audit, and secure cross-platform servers with a single, multi-platform solution that improves administrator efficiency. Perform ad hoc administrative tasks such as configuration inspection, virtual machine creation, or snapshot creation, all through a single interface.

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