Control-M and DevOps

Accelerate the speed of application delivery by 30%

Shift-left job and workload scheduling automation with Control-M Automation API. Adopt a Jobs-as-Code approach to avoid rework and headaches related to your application delivery.

Increase app quality while speeding delivery

  • Enable shift-left best practices
    Enable shift-left best practices for job and workload scheduling automation to speed time to delivery and increase application quality
  • Work in a familiar development environment
    Work in a familiar development environment (and avoid additional training) using JSON, REST APIs and a node.js CLI for creating workflows as artifacts
  • Find defects and bugs earlier
    Find defects and bugs earlier in the SDLC to reduce costs and increase higher quality applications
  • Take a Jobs-as-Code approach
    Take a Jobs-as-Code approach to accelerate application build, test, and validation.
  • Provide developers access to business
    leveraging Control-M Workbench capabilities

Transform your business for agile application delivery and processes

Integrate Jobs-as-Code into your existing CI/CD toolchain

Is your organization implementing DevOps to shorten application delivery lifecycles? Stop wasting time – build batch business application automation earlier in the software delivery lifecycle.

Drive development standards for fast, accurate application

Leveraging solutions that support standards and secure development practices is necessary to successfully drive faster application delivery with minimal errors.

Reduce the time and cost of agile application delivery.

You want stay on top of project costs, prevent scope creep, and continue to deliver robust applications fast. To gain a competitive edge you need solutions that can help your teams deliver against these goals.

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