Control-M Managed File Transfer

Simplify and automate file transfer management

Control-M Managed File Transfer enables you to securely automate internal and external file transfers from a central interface, integrating them with other applications and activities, to increase convenience, visibility, and control.

Automate digital business with managed file transfers

  • Integrated
    Manage file transfers and workloads from the same platform
  • Secure
    Schedule and manage your FTP transfers securely and confidently with FIPS compliance
  • Visible
    360-degree view of your file transfers with advanced dashboards and analytics

Transform your business for agile application delivery and processes

Accelerate delivery of services to the business

Your enterprise operations depend on file transfers between different applications and systems and often involve multiple external business partners. They may be managed through a stand-alone file transfer product or a combination of scripting, proprietary applications, and manual intervention. The lack of an integrated solution creates unnecessary risk and prevents you from fully automating operations. These practices are often the root cause of failed file transfers that disrupt business services.

Respond quickly to technology changes

The proper selection of tools and technologies across your diverse environment is critical. A flexible platform allows you to enable application developers to collaboratively manage changes to application workflows and file transfers.

Out-of-the-box file transfers and traditional workloads

Integration of file transfers and related workloads that run across disparate systems ensures that batch processes are completed on time, every time.

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