Power digital business automation: Go beyond traditional workload automation

Control-M, a digital business automation solution, simplifies and automates diverse batch application workloads. At the center of infrastructure, data, and applications, it improves SLAs and accelerates application deployment.

Power your digital transformation with the next wave of IT automation

  • Automate job scheduling and application deployment
    Connecting applications and workflow processes to quickly and reliably deliver digital business services
  • Realize the potential of big data
    Realize the potential of big data and manage workflows in a scalable way
  • Take control of your file transfer operations
    Take control of your file transfer operations with secure scheduling, instant status visibility, and automated recovery
  • Enable DevOps collaboration
    Enable DevOps collaboration with a Jobs-as-Code approach for faster application change and deployment cycle times
  • Near-zero downtime upgrades
    Near-zero downtime upgrades to eliminate business interruption and risk

Automate complex workflows to cut costs and improve service quality

Deliver jobs on time, every time

Whether you’re driving supply chain efficiencies, executing company payroll, or running any other diverse batch workloads, ensuring visibility, reliability, and SLA performance requires single-point automation and management of job scheduling across disparate systems.

Simplify and automate file transfer management

Control-M Managed File Transfer lets you build, schedule, and manage file transfers just like any other batch job. Combining application job workflows and file transfers in a single view improves visibility, control, and administrative costs.

Make your data work for you

Companies taking advantage of big data analytics are embracing Hadoop. Since the majority of big data processing is batch, managing jobs and workflows efficiently becomes critical to delivering business value. Control-M for Big Data enables your organization to speed the return on your big data investments.

Align teams for continuous delivery of applications

DevOps teams require solutions that support both processes and people to successfully develop and deliver applications and services faster with high quality. Leverage Jobs-as-Code to shift-left job scheduling to speed time to delivery and increase application quality. Streamline testing with a preview of production workflows during the testing process.

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