Representing a large enterprise, or following huge market strategies no matter what your goals and hindrances to achieve them. The most common and substantial feature of every business is to manage and secure data from risks and threats. When talking about big data it surely means something big and huge, whether it is gigantic record files, allocating your social media streams. Big data analytics are commonly suitable for cloud computing.

Big data and cloud technology carries the same terminologies as they are interrelated to each other. Big data requires clusters of servers for handling data, which cloud can provide. Cloud computing has increasingly becoming a mainstream data processing solution and, also providing storage and distribution services.

The ultimate advantage of cloud computing service is that it is scalable and ensures huge storage capacity. Cloud also eliminates large IT investment, keeping the budget under control and pay according to the usage of the capacity. Here at Sumas Edge, we provide a comprehensive solution for big data problems in the real sense of cloud infrastructure.

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